16 Black-owned Afro-Caribbean Restaurants in Miami


Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, East Indian/South Asian, Persian, Arab, Chinese and Javanese/Indonesian cuisine.  We’re compiled a list of some of our favorite Afro-Caribbean Restaurants in Miami, Florida.

Aunt I’s Jamaican Restaurant

Branch of a down-home local chain dishing up homemade jerk chicken & other hearty Jamaican fare.

Cliff’S Jamaican Restaurant & Catering

Jamaican favorites like oxtail & jerk chicken served in a relaxed venue with a few outdoor tables.

Konata’s Restaurant

Petite counter serve dishing up vegetarian & vegan Jamaican meals & juices in a low-key space.

Bahamian Pot Restaurant

Jamrock Cuisine

Clive’s Café

Best Jamaican restaurant in Miami for over 35 years. We make it with love. We serve curry goat, rice and peas, oxtail, beef stew, jerk chicken and beef patties. We are located in Little Haiti In the heart of Miami.

Jamrock Cuisine

Bridging Jamaican eats with Chinese delicacies, this former Jamaican grocery store dishes out the best of both Caribbean and Asian worlds.

Taste Rite Bakery

Full line of bakery products including breads, cakes, rolls and pastries. Delivering high quality fresh fully-baked and frozen par-baked specialty products to foodservice clients since 1986.

Golden Krust Bakery

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill (“Golden Krust”), a privately held corporation, is a manufacturer and distributor of Caribbean food products and franchisor of Caribbean restaurants.

Finga Licking

American comfort caribbean/soul food & a fast-food ambiance set the stage for a celeb hip-hop scene.

Bahamian Connection Restaurant

Bahamian Connection Restaurant was established in 1978 by Arlington Ingraham better known as Big Links from Tarpun Bay Eluthera and Bain Town, and West Street Nassau Bahamas. Bahamian Connection Restaurant is a family owned business

Tropical Oasis Restaurant

Casual strip-mall restaurant doling out Jamaican eats, including seafood & jerk chicken.

Shaker’S Conch House

Four words: Best Conch In Miami

Vegetarian Restaurant By Hakin

Caribbean Vegetarian Cuisine, Vegan Meals, Healthy Deserts, Living Foods, Fresh Smoothies and Health Food Store

Fivestar Bakery

Our Mission is to be trusted by our customers to provide the highest quality products baked fresh daily and served with a smile

Junie’s Restaurant

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