Jade Colin Is The Youngest Black Woman To Own A McDonald’s Franchise


Franchise ownership is something that runs in Colin’s family, the news outlet writes. Her parents purchased their first McDonald’s eight years ago. After Colin earned a degree in business management from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2012, she began laying the groundwork to open a franchise of her own.

She worked inside of the restaurants to gain a better understanding of the policies at McDonald’s and shortly after she joined the company’s Next Generation program. The program was designed to prepare the children of McDonald’s franchise owners to own their own eateries in the future. While in the program she garnered several awards for her business management acumen. She received a Ray Kroc Award and was recognized as one of the top McDonald’s restaurant managers in the country. She opened her first franchise in 2016.

Colin says she wouldn’t be where she’s at today if she didn’t have the courage to take risks and bet on herself. “Take the risk and know that it will be a lot of hard work. Pray about it. God sends everyone on a different journey in life. As you build your relationship with Him he will help lead and guide you in the right direction,” she told the news outlet. She also stressed the importance of having people in your corner who uplift you and want to see you win. Representation was a major key to her success. Colin says seeing her parents open one franchise and then purchase five others after that inspired her. Her parents were exemplary of building Black wealth.

There are many Black millennials across the country who are making #BossMoves in business. 25-year-old entrepreneur Delane Parnell’s company PlayVS is on its way to becoming the largest Series A raised by a Black-owned consumer internet company.


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