3 Black-owned Ride Share Companies That Compete With Uber


More than 200,000 Uber customers deleted Uber’s app over the course of a week in January as part of the #DeleteUber movement.

There are numerous examples of a deceitful culture at Uber, from the use of the Greyball software, which made it difficult for law enforcement officials to book rides, to the surreptitious tracking of iPhones in violation of Apple’s terms of service. More examples keep coming out. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission fined Uber $8.9 million for not running proper background checks and letting dozens of people with felony convictions and driver’s license issues ferry passengers around. The background check issue is chronic: It’s at the heart of the London transportation authority’s decision to lift Uber’s license. Uber has pretended to go along with requirements but often neglected to do it in practice.

Here are three Black-owned Ride Share apps you should know about.  Help them expand to more cities!

Chau4 Kids (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Welcome to Chau4 Kids ! Providing safe transportation for your children! We are here to provide reliable and safe transportation to your kids sports practices, after-school programs, and extra-curricular activities when mom and dad are unable to.

Gorydz Inc (Kansas City, Kansas)

GORydz app provides you with an elegant ride share app & will help make your journey successful. Whether you are riding alone or with friends a ride is a tap away.

Moovn. (United States)

Moovn is a ride-share service that offers you tons of technology features built in our website or app for added convenience and piece of mind. The Black Uber.


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