Atlanta Hybrid Homeschool Sends Black Students on Birthright Trip to Ghana, West Africa


Atlanta, GA — “How can you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been?” That question is the crux of the movement to expose students early in life to international travel and the beauty of their motherland Africa. How do you explain to Black students in America that they really come from Africa and their ancestors were Africans? Well to put it simply – you teach them, you tell them, and you show them!

The Bradley Academy Inc, founded by Naomi Hill Bradley, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to the exposure and education of the youth from a very young age. They have been in existence since 2014, educating our future leaders with the tools necessary to thrive in a changing world.

To date, the students have visited the following destinations:

* Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
* Zoo Atlanta
* GA Aquarium
* The Children’s Museum
* Fern Bank Museum of Natural History
* The Shrine of the Black Madonna
* The Center for Puppetry Arts
* Botanical Gardens
* Stone Mountain Park
* and many more!

In addition, students have been tutored in the following subjects:

* African History
* Black American History
* French/ Spanish/ Mandarin
* Piano/ Violin
* Coding and Programming
* Accelerated Reading and Math
* Science
* Civics
* Chess
* and many more!

In the spring of 2019, five committed families will travel on a birthright trip to Accra, Ghana West Africa through donations from community sponsorships and also private personal donations. To contribute to the remaining funds needed to finalize flights and rooming accommodations, please feel free to do so via their GoFundMe page at

Learn more about the Bradley Academy at their official web site at

Also, follow them on social media:

Instagram – @thebradleyacademyinc
Facebook – @thebradleyacademyinc

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