8+ Black-owned Fashionable Eyewear companies you need to know about


When is the perfect time to get yourself a new pair of cool glasses that are on the latest eyewear trends? There’s no better time than the start of a new season.   

If you’re looking for some stylish eyewear to go with new office outfits, that new summer dress or a pair of great sunglasses to style in your looks, we’ve got you covered.  Here is our list 8 Fashionable Eyewear companies, all of them Black-owned!


Bôhten Eyeglasses launched a partnership venture with Mackenzie Design called; Bôhten Manufacturing. They opened their first local factory to push the boundary with sustainable design & production with the goal of outsourcing majority labor to Ghana.


LEX eyewear

We are a network of Opticians, Frame Stylist, and Fashion Enthusiasts; who have come together to bring fashion, function and affordable eywear to your front door. Our teams operate mobile sales and custom repair service’s within several cities, to enhance the one on one experiance.

SWAV Eyewear  

We are an inspirational eyewear company that has positive affirmations on each pair of sunglasses while investing back into other’s Visions.

Leisure & Labels

Leisure & Labels is an online consignment/resale boutique dedicated to offering authentic designer handbags, shoes, accessories, and apparel

Eye Dare You

Audreyanna, free spirited, business mind  & Chanteau, fashion/wardrobe stylist & model, are Houston native siblings who merged their knowledge of business & fashion to create you EYE DARE YOU!  Audreyanna & Chanteau launched Eye Dare You in 2015 with the intent to provide fashion forward individuals a better selcection of affordable high fashion eye ware.

Elegant Eyes

Elegant Eyes

Elegant Eyes mission is to provide upscale quality eyewear at affordable prices. Our slogan is ” We Only Have Eyes for You”.

Reine Royale

Reine Royale started in 2015 with a dreamer, many sleepless nights, and an iPhone! The owner, Siedah Perro, better known to her friends as ‘Royal’ began jotting down ideas for a company that would represent the notion that you don’t have to break the bank to look like royalty!! We’ve always believed that your outer appearance should always match your inner beauty . Sohere at Reine Royale our mission is to help you embrace your inner Queen by bringing you a wardrobe that will bring a shift in your confidence.

Coco and Breezy

Coco and Breezy Eyewear is a NYC based eyewear company founded in 2009 by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson. Their eyewear has braced celebrity faces such as Prince, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj and more.



TNEMNRODA [nem-row-da] eyewear collections are saturated with luxe refinement and fantastical spirit. The handcrafted New York-based brand is also carried private boutiques in Hong Kong, Dubai, Greece, UK, Canada, NYC, Houston and Miami.

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