In a previous blog we posted a list of our best 10 Black-owned Vegan Restaurants you should support.  The post was shared hundreds of times and received thousands of views, likes and comments. Many of those comments were from customers like you who wanted us to add their hometown favorite Black-owned Vegan Restaurant.  We heard you.  We hear you.  We do this for you! See our complete list HERE.

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Here it is, our updated list of:

30+ Black-owned Vegan Restaurants you should support

1.  Loving It Live – East Point, Georgia

Vegan Salad

They believe that our food is our medicine and we make it our heartfelt commitment never to compromise the quality of our food. Let Lov’n It Live take you to a world where good food is actually good for you! Come to visit us and experience our delicious, organic, living cuisine. Website

2.  Simply Wholesome – Los Angeles, California

Simply Wholesome is dedicated to providing the proper resources to living a healthy lifestyle. We believe in promoting and celebrating our cultural diversity, combined with exceptional customer service in a warm and comfortable setting. Website

3.  Soul Vegetarian Restaurant – Atlanta, Georgia

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant is the largest chain of Vegan Restaurants in the world and operates under the auspices of the Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem. Website

4.  The Nile Cafe – Philadelphia, PA.

Philly’s finest Vegetarian and Vegan Soul Food, baked goods and supply of purified water located in the heart of Germantown. website

5.  Green Seed Vegan – Houston, Texas.

A plant based eatery and elixir bar serving fresh pressed gourmet sandwiches, chlorophyll-rich live foods, cold pressed juices, and super immune building fruit blends (aka smoothies). Website

6.  VEG NATION LLC – Saint Louis, Missouri.

We have more than 40 items to choose from on our menu of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. website

7.  Soul Veg Tallahassee – Tallahassee, Florida.

Best vegan food in Florida

Soul Veg Tallahassee specializes in all natural vegan Soul Food! Everything from vegan macaroni & cheese, fresh steamed collard greens & candied yams…to vegan lasagna, portabella mushroom burgers, sauteed eggplant and red beans over rice. Website

8.  Stuff I Eat – Inglewood, California.

Ranktribe's Best Vegan Restaurant in Inglewood California

The Stuff We Eat is… The Stuff You Eat! Fresh, Natural and 95% organic. Your health is as important as ours.  We have been perfecting home cooked vegan cuisine for over 15 years in an effort to share health through food.  We are firm believers that the food you choose to eat is directly related to your well being. In order to feel 100%, you have to eat 100% fresh and natural. website

9.  NuVegan Café – Washington, District Of Columbia.

OUR MISSION is to expose your taste buds to the undeniably refreshing and delicious nature of eating natural. Things that are made for the soul should not only nurture, but satisfy the soul. Our food is not only made with natures best DELICIOUSNESS, it’s eatable and edible. webiste

10.  Original Soul Vegetarian – Chicago, Illinois.

best vegan restaurants

We seek to offer a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for vegans and health aficionados throughout the Chicago area. For the past 30 years, we have offered food that is both healthy and delicious—winning the praise and consistent patronage of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. website

11.  The Land of Kush – Baltimore, Maryland.

best vegan restaurant in Baltimore

Inspires you to feed your spirit. We are VeganSoul! Celebrate a new way of life with healthier food. We work with vegetarians, vegans, and health conscious people who struggle with finding quality, tasty vegetarian food and want access to a location to experience our food and services. What makes us so different is “You won’t believe it’s veggie!” As a result, our clients enjoy healthy food and a good way of life and living. website

12. Blueberry Cafe’ Juice Bar & Vegan Grille – Newark, New Jersey

Ne Jersey's best vegan restaurant and cafe

Our mission is sustainability in your body, mind and spirit. When you eat better you feel better, you are better.

13.  Sunshines Deli – Houston, Texas

Sunshine’s Health Food Store and Vegetarian Deli is a socially responsible restaurant and store that promotes healthy living through food.

14.  Bobby’s Meal – Miami, Florida

15.  The Southern V – Nashville, Tennessee

We are a homestyle, ALL VEGAN bakery and café located in Nashville, TN. Serving up vegan soul food eats and treats. Cruelty-free comfort food!

16.  Souley Vegan – Oakland, California

Oakland California's best Black owned vegan restaurant

We prepare 100% Vegan Southern style cuisine using locally sourced NON-GMO ingredients. Executive Chef Tamearra Dyson make these flavors come together by using fresh herbs and uniquely blended spices.
We invite you to sit at our table and enjoy (vegan) southern classics while enjoying good music and a welcoming atmosphere.

17.  Veg Nation – St. Louis, Missouri

vegan food in St. Louis Missouri

When you need catering services from a company you can trust, choose VegNation in Saint Louis Missouri.  Backed by more than 10 years of experience, we specialize in healthy alternatives offering mostly organic and GMO-free food.

18.  Karyn’s Raw Cafe – Chicago, Illinois

Best raw vegan in chicago

Karyn’s is a holistic wellness company based in vegan foods, all natural supplements, detoxification and rejuvenating therapies.

19.  Two Vegan Sistas – Memphis, TN

A 100% Vegan restaurant.  Foods are 80% live (i.e. heated below temp of 118).  You can google the benifits of a live vegan food diet.

20.  Are You Going to Eat That? – WIlmington, North Carolina

We want others to think seriously about their health and wellness and provide products that will help them on their journey. Along with quality ingredients, TLC and a bit of ourselves goes into every jar and bottle. AYGET? is here to help those who want to be better and do better.

21.  Pasión Latin Fusion Restaurant – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pasión Latin Fusion Restaurant serves a unique blend of Latin American cuisine spanning from the Argentinian Tierra Del Fuego, the Caribbean beaches, the streets of Mexico, the rolling hills of Spain, and the local, classic flavors from New Mexico.

22.  Haley House Bakery Cafe – Boston, Massachusetts

23. Konata’s Restaurant – Miami, Florida

Petite counter serve dishing up vegetarian & vegan Jamaican meals & juices in a low-key space.

24. Deelish by Deedi – Baltimore, Maryland

25. Seasoned Vegan – New York, New York

Seasoned Vegan is a family business owned and operated by mother and son, Brenda and Aaron Beener. We pride ourselves on being loyal to our vegan/vegetarian customers by maintaining a 100% vegan menu and kitchen, while creating meals that are delicious.

26. Detroit Vegan Soul – Detroit, Michigan

Petite restaurant offering vegan takes on soul food & weekend brunch in a casual setting.

27. Plum Bistro – Seattle, Washington

In Japan, plum blossoms are the first flowers to emerge from the dead of winter, symbolizing perseverance and hope for a better tomorrow. Taking inspiration from our name, we endeavor to craft Plum Restaurants into a realization of our values of community and hope for a brighter future. Plum represents new beginnings in food and business. We’re making veganism accessible to everyone–not just through our chefs making delicious food, but also through incorporating our generation’s forward-thinking beliefs and style into everything we do.

28. Tassili’s Raw Reality – Atlanta, Georgia

Tassili’s Raw Reality is a fast, casual restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in raw vegan cuisine inspired by Tassili’s international palate. We provide a unique variety of raw vegan entrees like spicy kale salad, kale wraps, and more. We cater to a wide variety of people from flexitarian to vegetarian, to vegan transitional clients, to raw experts.

29. Alza Vegan/Ethiopian – Los Angeles, California

When all six of Azla’s children transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle over a decade ago-she began modifying traditional recipes to accomodate their growing health consciousness-without sacrificing flavor and heartiness. Azla’s Sunday dinners became a focal point for friends and extended family, and she dreamed of one day extending her love for cooking beyond her family’s dinner table.

30. Louisville Vegan Kitchen – Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Vegan Kitchen is a plant-based food service company that aims to create healthy, delicious, and nutritious food that empowers people and assists them in living a healthy life. LVK combines herbs and spices with fresh produce to create unique dishes that cross culinary boundaries, delight many pallets and promote longevity.

31. The New Vegan – Delray Beach, Florida

The New Vegan on Ranktribe

Everyone wants to know, “what is the New Vegan”? We are the next generation of vegans showing people a new, innovative way of eating food filled with organic macro nutrients without the dependency of another life to do so. It’s amazing to think that what started out as a little restaurant in Florida has turned into this global sensation. We’ve transitioned from just “serving food” to “serving people” and we stand by that.

32. The GruB Factory – Baltimore, Maryland

With affordable hearty selections of pancakes, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches, the restaurant offers what Baltimore’s food scene has been missing: a vegan breakfast. But the menu goes beyond morning offerings, with savory vegan selections of gyros, reubens, pepper steak, shrimp salad, curry “chick’n,” and more.

33. Rahel Ethiopian Vegan – Los Angeles, California

Most of the city’s vegan restaurants feature the latest in ersatz animal flesh—tempeh meatballs, soy-chicken satay, and squid sculpted from tofu. Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine, however, specializes in stews that could have been on the menu during biblical times: split lentils, chickpeas, zucchini, and string beans, all slow cooked in spiced sauces that unlock a flavor as savory as that of pot roast. A Rahel combination platter can include nine of these entrées. The feast is best enjoyed by pinching small bites with shreds of injeri bread, its sour tang balancing the sweetness and heat of the vegetables.

34. The Vegetarian Restaurant By Hakin – Miami, Florida

Caribbean Vegetarian Cuisine, Vegan Meals, Healthy Deserts, Living Foods, Fresh Smoothies and Health Food Store

35. Belmont Vegetarian – Worcester, MA

We actively promote a meat-free, non-dairy, body-nourishing diet, and it is seen even more once you step through our door. We invite you to read a poster or two as your meal is prepared, and learn while you wait. Food for thought? Our menu keeps you guessing, But any day you can enjoy a savory soulful Belmont twist on Jamaican and American inspired dishes

36.  Sol Sips – Brooklyn, NY

Sol Sips offers an assortment of plant based beverages and plant based bites.

37. Slutty Vegan – Atlanta

100% plant based burger joint! Slutty food is overindulgent, gooey, messy, most often sweet, and irresistible. You shouldn’t want it, but you do. However, we’re plant based…guilt free.

38. GO VEGETARIAN – Atlanta

Go Vegetarian Restaurant provides a delicious healthy transitional diet, bringing meat eaters to a great tasting vegan/vegetarian meal. For vegans and vegetarians, this menu is the everyday amazing comfort food everyone enjoys.


40. Drop Squad Kitchen – Delaware

We are an evolving American family driven boutique style restaurant in Wilmington, DE that specializes in plant based foods inspired by our Aboriginal heritage.

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