14+ Black-owned Restaurants in Dallas Texas! (Updated)


A city that is more than cowboy boots, there are literally thousands of options, but we will focus on the ones ‘For Us By Us’.  RankTribe™ Black Business Directorybrings you a compiled list of some notable Black-owned restaurants in Dallas, Texas.

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The Urban Brunch Co.

Brunch convention featuring vendors from around the Southwest region will showcase all things Brunch, with food and drink samples, workshops, merchandise, and apparel. The event is open to industry professionals and foodies alike.

South Dallas Cafe

Southern homestyle classics served cafeteria style at this easygoing, family-run establishment.

Two Podners Bar-B-Q & Seafood

A full-service restaurant that caters from our specialty, Bar-B-Que, to appetizers, trays, and to affairs of any kind.

Roots on Tap

On a personal journey toward better health, Nicole Allen began making daily green smoothies to bring to work. She had no idea at the time that her healthier snack substitute would eventually lead to the creation of Roots on Tap.

Kessler Baking Studio

The Kessler Baking Studio is a creative sweets boutique, operating as a cottage baker in the Oak Cliff Gateway District (just north of the Bishop Arts District). All of our products are from scratch and made with real Texas butter, cane sugar.

Elaine’s Kitchen

The Flaming Skillet

This is your ONE STOP SHOP for Catering Services for parties, corporate events, receptions, YOU NAME IT!! We specialize in making your dream event REALITY!

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

Sweet Georgia Brown Bar-B-Que Buffet

Ten Eleven Grill

Kemet Kitchen

Emerald City Grill

Norma’s Cafe

Our big, country breakfasts are what packed the house first. Fluffy biscuits and creamy gravy. Omelets stuffed tighter than a suitcase. Hot and hearty pancakes, waffles and sweet rolls. And although our breakfasts have won some awards, we like to think people come see us because they love great, homestyle cooking.

Rudy’s Chicken

This no-frills chicken shack doesn’t need any of said frills, just ask for extra seasoning and some secret sauce and you’ll happy you came.     Download our Android and iOS apps and start supporting Black-owned Businesses!

Record’s Barbecue 

Mr. Records gain knowledge and experience within the restaurant industry at Pappy Dad’s BBQ which was located in Dallas, Texas. He methodically and skillfully applied skills learned from being a faithful and diligent employee and became a successful owner…

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