32 Black Owned Shoe Companies


Aminah Abdul Jillil Shoes 

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska Aminah began as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in music including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. She’s appeared in commercials for Pepsi, Mazda and New Balance and recently performed as lead character “Crimson” in Cirque du Soleil’s BELIEVE. In 2012, after completing her third world tour with Britney, Aminah launched her first collection of women’s shoes selling mostly online and a few L.A based boutiques including the iconic Fred Segal

Eleanor Anukam  

Born out of necessity, developed with passion After years of searching for luxury footwear with no success; Eleanor Anukam, a size 12 herself, embarked on a journey to create an eponymous line of luxury women’s footwear to service this underserved population of women with shoe sizes over 10. “I’m designing for a fashion forward lady with broadened global influences with a thirst to disrupt fashion.” Eleanor Anukam states. I envision a style that is sexy, modern, and feminine. Supported by the finest manufacturing resources in Brazil, Eleanor sources the most exquisite leathers and hardware handcrafted by master cobblers.


Every woman needs at least one great pair of shoes. Women that wear larger shoe sizes, desire current fashion trends, and are frustrated by the lack of availability. Samanta Shoes is dedicated to solving this global problem. Samanta creates life changing experiences for women who have trouble finding stylish shoes with comfort in their size. In addition to traditional sizes, Samanta offers large size women’s shoes in size 11, size 12, size 13, size 14, and wide width sizes. Samanta Shoes is a recognized luxury brand that is validated by celebrity clients, media exposure, and billion dollar retail partners.

Tucci Polo Inc 

serves the luxury footwear, leather goods & accessories market. Known for exclusive, top quality, handmade luxury shoes & leather messenger bags for men and women who take pride in being stylish and classy. In addition to offering a wide range of accessories, TucciPolo offers urban footwear’s and accessories designed by fashion-lovers including its own owner. To guarantee quality, products are handmade with the finest Italian leather materials found across Europe and by the best English and Italian artisans. The store also promises the best customer service and a unique shopping experience.

Nude Soles  

I would bring nude color shoes for all to the market. Nude is beyond beige and we live in a colorful world. I created Nude Sole to further bring diversity and inclusion to the fashion industry. I hope that Nude Sole brings you joy.


is a brand of luxury footwear made in Italy. Co–Founder: Davidson Petit-Frere

Armando Cabral

Eponymous men’s shoe collection from fashion model Armando Cabral. Enjoy.

The Red Pump Project 

is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate women and girls of color about HIV through bold programming and digital initiatives. We empower, educate, and motivate action by boldly driving conversation online and offline around HIV prevention and issues related to sexual and reproductive health. The Red Pump Project is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Using the red pump as a symbol of empowerment to represent the strength and courage of those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, we want to show that “Awareness is Always in Style!” “Rock the Red Pump®” and the Red Pump logo are registered trademarks of The Red Pump Project and may not be used without express written consent.

Billione Rikko 

WE CELEBRATE THE UNORTHODOX, CHAMPION THE UNCONVENTIONAL. Innovation is in our genes, defiance in our DNA. Eclectic in our influences, we value fearlessness & radical thinking. We are free-willed, free-spirited, intensely individual yet fiercely independent, and, it goes without saying, we are unashamedly luxurious.

AMAK by Amiya 

AMAK by Amiya footwear is available in tween/adult sizes, size 12 for youth through size 10 for adults. This allows both moms and their daughters to walk in positivity together.

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