Black-owned Pizza Shops

11 Black-owned Pizza Shops

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Pizza is a savory dish of Italian origin, consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. Check out these Black-owned Businesses that specialize in these pies!

Edgewood Pizzeria (Atlanta)

Busy bar & eatery for NY-style pies, chicken wings & other finger foods in industrial-chic digs.

Pizza 57 (Brooklyn)

Jerry’s Market & Pizzeria (Pittsburgh)

Nancy’s Chicago Pizza – Midtown (Atlanta)

Chicago-style stuffed-crust pizza is the draw at this chain also offering thin-crust pies & pastas.

Do Restaurant (Atlanta)

We’re doing Pizza, musically inspired! Start off with our “Prelude” of appetizers, arranged specifically with every foodies palate in mind. Try the “Maestro”- Our signature pizza made with a harmony of fresh ingredients that will have you singing


A place to relax and enjoy music, pork free food and entertainment. We also serve kava. We deliver intown southwest Atlanta

Slim & Husky’s (Nashville)

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria is Nashville’s hottest new pizza joint. Our aim is to bring a fun atmosphere to the neighborhood pizza scene using locally sourced ingredients.

Pepperoni Ray’s (New Orleans)

Pepperoni Ray’s offers some delicious and cheap pizza while providing excellent service and and a quality experience. They give daily combo specials and have…

MLK Café (Oakland)

Mlk Cafe and Restaurant is a full sports bar & restaurant serves Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes.Check menu for American breakfast, Pasta & Pizza selection

Goat Hill Pizza (San Francisco)

Amalfi’s (Portland)

An Italian inspired marketplace specializing in fresh House‑Made Foods, Local Delicacies and Italian‑Imported products. Dinner is done!


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