How To Spend A Day In Black-Owned Chattanooga, Tennessee
How To Spend A Day In Black-Owned Chattanooga, Tennessee

How To Spend A Day In Black-Owned Chattanooga, Tennessee

1Davis Wayne’s  9454 Bradmore Ln.

Davis Wayne’s is an upscale meat and three restaurant located in Cambridge Square in Ooltewah TN.

2Chatterbox Cafe  6801 Shallowford Rd.

Chatter Box Cafe would like to engage the Facebook community with up to date post of new culinary creations & feedback from loyal customers.

3Uncle Larry’s Restaurant  736 E. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Larry Torrence opened Uncle Larry’s Restaurant in March 2013, after his wife, Terilynn and other family members kept encouraging him to cook. He is the designated fish fryer at all their family reunions.

LoAdebar is a natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free energy bar that combines taste and wholesome nutrition for a healthy snack or breakfast bar. Loaded with nutrient-rich, raw and organic ingredients, the LoAdebar contains no preservatives

5NATTY NATURALS  5113 Highway 58, Ste 211

Natty Naturals: Handcrafted Bohemian-ly chic goodness with ingredients so healthy they’re almost good enough to eat…

American art museum featuring a permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of American Arts. See art with new eyes and learn what it means to be an American in the 21st century.

ChattanoogaSegway Tours provides exciting tours of Chattanooga on Segway, Bike or Walking Tours. We will share the museums, green spaces, entertainment, and tastes of Chattanooga. In addition to daily tours we can also add some fun to your next family reunion

Antonia and Cynthia have combined their love for eating well and delicious desserts to create the fabulous experience of Dipped Fresh. With dipped desserts and catering made fresh any selection you make will be a great choice.

Join us for Chatt Taste’s signature tour featuring restaurants around some of the city’s newest developments. Cobblestone streets, sidewalk art, and stylish restaurants create an immersive experience…

10Chattanooga Cigar Club  1518 Market St.

Chattanooga Cigar Club is Chattanooga’s premier cigar and cocktail lounge. We offer premium hand-rolled cigars from around the world and speakeasy-style craft cocktails with a modern flair.

11WORLD SMART  1391 Holmes Street , Unit 107

World Smart provides opportunities for underrepresented high school students to expand their horizons through studying abroad and was born from a passion for education and the way traveling to new places cultivates opportunities for learning. World


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