Food Delivery Service ‘Black And Mobile’ Supports Black-Owned Eateries Amid Coronavirus Crisis


Black and Mobile has experienced a surge in deliveries and sales in Philadelphia and Detroit.

Business operation restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic have ravaged many small businesses throughout the U.S. The food delivery service Black and Mobile is focusing on rallying around Black-owned eateries during the health crisis, Black Enterprise reported.

The platform—which was founded by brother-duo Aaron and David Cabello from Philadelphia last year—was created to spread awareness about Black-owned establishments by helping them grow their digital presence in an effort to connect them with more customers and boost their sales. The delivery service, which has expanded into Detroit, has an ever-growing directory that features 30 Philadelphia-based restaurants and nearly 20 in the Motor City. The twin brothers are dedicated to supporting Black-owned businesses all-year-round, but say due to the current health crisis they need assistance now more than ever. Black and Mobile has experienced a surge in deliveries and sales since the outbreak shifted the communities they serve. The founders hope to expand into other cities.

“With my platform, we make it easy to find Black-owned businesses — there are no more excuses,” David told Philly Mag after the platform’s launch. “We locate every black-owned restaurant and we put them on our site. That way if you want to support them, we’ll hire someone from the community and they’ll bring it to your door.”

Black business owners in Philadelphia are trying to remain hopeful during this uncertain time. “I’m just trying to stand firm and support my employees,” Keven Parker, the owner of Keven Parker’s Soul Food Café and Ms. Tootsie’s Restaurant Bar and Lounge told the Philadelphia Tribune. “I hope the state and city comes through with funding.” The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation has reportedly teamed up with the city to create a program to support small business owners.

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