Never Forget: 69 Black Boys Were Padlocked Into A Dormitory Where A Mysterious Fired Started – 21 Burned To Death

It’s an event in history possibly forgotten or unknown by many, but it’s that moment that claimed the life of 21 boys.

14 Black-owned Vodka Brands to Support!

"I'll be damned if I drink some Belvedere while Puff got Ciroc" -JayZ

Kroger Supermarkets to Carry Black Family-Owned Food Product Line, Heritage Fare, in Over 1,000 Stores

Nationwide — From its sweet and savory seasonings to its hot and spicy sauces, Heritage Fare, Ltd. has created a line of convenience...

Black-Owned Biscuit Brand Lands Distribution Deals With Walmart, Whole Foods, Other Retailers

I wanted to create the nostalgia of home cooking from my grandma’s recipes with a modern twist

When It Comes to Blackness, All Roads Lead to and Through East St. Louis. Period.

Alana Marie Black demonstrators protest hiring practices at a $13 million federal housing project in East St. Louis,...

Black-Owned Tech Firm Developing Smart Phones Is Now Giving Them Away For Free

Freddie Figgers, founder of the company, was recently featured on the new Netflix series called “Trigger Warning With Killer Mike”.

First Black Woman to Hold Two Patents for A Natural Hair Accessory is making Black History!

As we celebrate Black History Month, inventor of the PuffCuff® Hair Clamp and the first black woman to hold two natural hair accessory patents, Ceata Lash, stands out as a living legend who is blazing a new path in the hair industry.

With New Anti-Discrimination Guidelines, New York City Becomes a Safe Haven for Black Hair

The New York City Commission on Human Rights is taking a major step in ensuring that none of the city’s residents are victims of hair bias.

Love Inspired Wine by John Legend

Legend Vineyard Exclusives was a dream long in the making. As with his music, John searched for the right collaborator, a vineyard...

‘Black Men in White Coats’ Are Inspiring Black Boys to Become Doctors Too!

Dallas, TX — Dr. Dale Okorodudu, an African-American doctor and the founder of Black Men in White Coats, aims to make an impact on...


32 Black Owned Shoe Companies

Shoes are not only worn to protect the human feet. They are also worn because they add the final touch to the style you are trying to create.

23 Black-owned Restaurants in Memphis, Tennessee

A compiled list of Black owned restaurants in Memphis featuring specialty shops For Us By Us.  Traditional Black dishes, also known as soul food,...

8+ Black-owned Watch Brands You Should Know About

Best Black-owned Watch Companies you should support

35+ Black-owned Handbag and Purse Companies to support

Ancient Handbags in Stone and Art – Sumerian handbags, Olmec handbags, Maori handbags, Egyptian handbags, Indian handbags and handbags at Gobekli Tepe. Members of the archaeological research community have been left scratching...

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